Dealer Portal - How to Add New In-Stock Boat Listing

Modified on Wed, 18 Jan 2023 at 05:10 PM

The portal will let you add and edit the list of all new in-stock boats available.

The screenshot seen above is the dealer portal dashboard that appears when you first log in. To add a new in-stock boat listing, click the “Manage” button on the “In-Stock Boat Listings” tile. This will proceed to the In-Stock Boat Listings page. 

On the "In-Stock Boat Listings" page, you can add, edit, delete, and search existing listings of in-stock boats. To add a new boat listing, click the "Add New Boat Listing" button on the top right section of the page to proceed with creating the New Boat Form.

Select the “Make” from the dropdown field and enter the model name in the “Name” field. 

Note: Bear in mind that when you’re using the “Make” field, some boat brands have existing data of their models that are available on the site. As you enter the model name, the system will look up and display a list of existing models on the website. You can select a model from the list. 

A select button will appear beside the “Name” field. Click the “Select” button for the system to automatically pre-fill all the fields in the form e.g., boat specifications.  However, not all brands from the “Make” have this feature. When this happens, manually input the name of the boat mode and the rest of the fields in the form. 

After you selected the boat model, enter the year the boat was manufactured in the “Year Manufactured” and enter the model number of the boat in the “model number” field.

If you click Yes on “Display this product on your website”, the boat will be visible on In-Stock New Boats.

If you click Yes on “Feature this product on the homepage”, the boat listing will be visible on the homepage in the In-Stock New Boats section.

If you click Yes on the “Is this on special” option, a special price form will automatically appear in the  Commerce Information section.

Click No on the “Has this boat been sold?” option, to make sure the boat model is available. If you click Yes, it will appear on the online shop site that it has been sold. 

Review the boat’s specifications to make sure they have the right details. You can update or edit any of the fields e.g., steering type if you wish to do so. 

Review the boat engine’s specifications as well to make sure they have the right details. You can update or edit any of the fields e.g., fuel capacity if you wish to do so. 

In the pricing section, provide details of the boat's Regular Price, Price Label, and Special Price. Take note that the “Special Price” field will activate if you clicked Yes on the "Is this on special?" option in the Listing Details section. 

For the "Enable Purchase Through Your Website" option, you have the option to decide whether you want your clients to purchase on the website or not. However, we recommended that you should not let clients purchase a boat on the website so refrain from enabling this option.

Enter the boat's stock number, registration number, expiration date, and warranty status in the Details section. Fields left as "N/A" will not be displayed on the website except for the stock number. 

NoteIf you push the boat listing on the Boatsales website, make sure to input the price field since the site will not allow the listing to be $0. Don’t forget to also include the stock number of the boat as well.

In the “Main Listing Image” option, the image you have chosen will be the main highlight image that will be visible in the in-stock new boats listing.

If you wish to include a Youtube clip that highlights the boat model, paste the video link into the “Youtube Video Link” field. 

To upload images to the gallery, you can either drag and drop them or choose the Browse option. You can upload a maximum of 20 images. Once the images are uploaded, you can easily click and drag the images to re-order them.

On the “Listing Information” subsection, you can add and edit the content for the Details, Specifications, and Features & Options sections of the boat. Bear in mind that the contents on these fields can be prefilled by the portal when you select an existing new boat model from the Listings Details section.

If you wish to list your boats in third-party listings sites, there is an option that will allow you to list your boat on Choose the “Yes” button to allow this. Click the “Save Draft” button to save all your changes. To finish the entire process, click the “Complete & Submit” button. Once that is done, the boat listings will be automatically posted on the website.

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