Release 23 of Pegboard 6, available in August 2012

Release 23 of Pegboard 6, available in August 2012, is now available in Pegboard Manager. This release contains the following new features and bug fixes:



2321 - Add site setting to create friendly urls in lowercase

2320 - Modify form data chart to allow date range email tags to be parsed

2324 - Add landing page functionality to Members module. A page can be set in the console that the user will be directed to upon logging in

2339 - Update the pbforgotpassword skintag to prompt for both (or either) the username and email address of the user



2326 - Error: Item with same key already exists ocurring on some export operations

2330 - Console product properties panel does not display items in collection's chosen sort order

2332 - Employee profile is throwing an array out of bounds exception in pegboard console

2335 - Error when setting subscriber filter on field with space in its name

2336 - Event Regstration information missing in Pegboard backup/restore

2337 - Event shows up as full even if there are seats available in pegboard console

2337 - Event collection manager fails to import events from spread sheet if the event  has tiered pricing

2338 - Deleting event registration record from console deleting event tiered registrations from all events

2344 - pbItem template tag still displayed in email template even if no item has been chosen for that newsletter

2345 - Some collections experiencing a datatable index corruption issue making it impossible to export the collection's contents

2346 - Can not specify permissions to members activity chart admin widgets in console security