Pegboard Visio Shapes are now available in the partner area

Visio Standard 2010 is advanced diagramming tool which helps you create professional-looking diagrams, produce data driven reports and share it with others on the web. The diagrams can be used to produce a sketch wireframe for each page on a website.

To assist you estimate the build cost of a Pegboard website, we have produced a set of stencils which represent the Pegboard functionality as preformatted shapes in Visio. We have also produced an example website using the Pegboard stencils and Visio.

As part of the scope and requirements that you produce for your clients you can wireframe each page on the website using the Pegboard Stencils and exactly reflect the functionality that the Pegboard Platform offers.

Addtitionially you can a produce Pegboard Report from within Visio which will give an indicative cost to build the Pegbaord website and list out all the Pegboard references or skintags that you need to use.

Pegboard Visio Shapes are available to Enterprise partners and for standard partners can be purchased via the partner area.