Release 22 of Pegboard 6, available in July 2012

Release 22 of Pegboard 6, available in July 2012, is now available in Pegboard Manager. This release contains the following new features and bug fixes:



2296 - Added property EnableEmSignupFieldName to allow users to choose whether to signup for emarketing while submitting a form

2309 - New property for pbProductSearch, HideOutOfStockProducts, which will omit products from the search results if they are out of stock



2297 - [pbMemberForgotPassword] skintag doesn't always send email with username and password

2299 - Editting a news item causes an error to be thrown if the article date hasn't been set

2301 - Issue with pbProductProperties radio button property type

2305 - pbPager cannot be configured to appear the same as pbAdvPager

2308 - pbStockLevel not correctly taking into account stock control of product properties

2313 - Edit forum post in pegboard console throws an error if post contains unordered