Release 21 of Pegboard 6, available in June 2012

Release 21 of Pegboard 6, available in June 2012, is now available in Pegboard Manager. This release contains the following new features and bug fixes:



2217 - Pegboard Mobile Content Manager (MCM) released

2241 - Improved [pbAdvContentPanel] functionality to show and hide content based on condition logic

2242 - Added new property MatchPostcode to [pbDatalistSearchResults] - to restrict results to only the postcode searched for

2265 - Added ecommerce referral url tracking

2270 - Added Automatic response emails on member and member content approval

2274 - Optimised parsing dynamic values in skintag properties

2281 - Added properties to [pbAdvBasicSearch] to allow a different button or textbox id to be specified

2282 - Optimised request handling for physical resources (images, css etc.)

2283 - Optimised Emarketing module startup routine

2284 - Optimised SSL Manager Module request handling



2243 - Changing layout when editing a page's content will cause the content change to be lost when the page is saved

2245 - Image and Document manager throwing error in front end WYSIWYG editor

2246 - Error updating member's content using [pbMemberSignupFormSubmit] tag when profile_imageregion field is empty

2248 - SQL Floating point error when searching for certain postcodes

2250 - LinkReport - false positive broken links coming from content regions that are not currently connected to a page

2258 - Form fields disappear when editing a form using the staging module pending/approval process

2259 - Manage collection screen does not display McCreatedBy column value in item grid

2268 - [pbProductUserValue] tag displaying stale cached data

2277 - Form submission errors when form FollowUpEmail is not set

2286 - [pbAdvCollection] MinAge property not working on its own

2289 - Forum posts and replies adds an extra line break for each carriage return when the post is saved or edited

2291 - Multiple processes nominate themselves as the process controller when application running in webgarden