Release 19 of Pegboard 6, available in April 2012

Release 19 of Pegboard 6, available in April 2012, is now available in Pegboard Manager. This release contains the following new features and bug fixes:



2159 - Created new skintag pbAdvMemberRoles to allow a list of member's roles to be displayed in a template-able format

2205 - New Pegboard Social Media module

1961 - Added a facility for user to remove values submitted by a fileupload formfield

2200 - Added multiple email address support in E-Commerce Admin email settings

2169 - PostCodeFieldEmptyMessage property added to pbDatalistSearch

2173 - Added [] tag parsing for Forum moderator emails



2154 - pbForumPostReply processing slowly when there are many subscribers to the forum/thread

2161 - PostcodeDistance property in pbDatalistSearch skintag does not correctly filter all datalist search results

2175 - pbAdvCategory - HideCurrentItem property not working for subcategories

2185 - TNT Postage intermittently miscalculates postage charges

2189 - DB Locking issue with BannerAd lastserved timestamp

2190 - Some user agent strings cannot be parsed by Request.Browser.MajorVersion causing exception to be thrown

2191 - FormBuilderProvider throwing lockingexceptions on startup

2194 - pbPanelMenu does not sort sub-menu items according to chosen sortorder

2195 - Error when selecting to show 50 items on the URL Redirects page

2207 - pbAdvCustomerDetails control does not pre-load Company field, causing it to be overwritten

2208 - pbProductProperties should display overall Member Role discounts in the display information

2209 - Emarketing replace links function erroneously merging multiple links into one

2197 - Improved datalist search result efficiency

2206 - Emarketing subscriber filter throws an error when filtering by birthday