Release 17 of Pegboard 6, available in February 2012

Release 17 of Pegboard 6, available in February 2012, is now available in Pegboard Manager. This release contains the following new features and bug fixes:



2082 - Improve performance of pbAdvCollection skintag

2089 - Forums Module Enhancement - Forum subscriptions

2092 - Header requests - ETag and caching

2104 - Pegboard Enhancement - Custom Grid Columns, Grid Reordering

2100 - Added relevancy field to pbDataListSearchResults to assist with result sorting



1422 - It is possible to create duplicate event registrations via the administration console

1791 - The blog ratings panel is missing for Event collection items

2081 - Console sitemap not refreshing when moveup or movedown button is clicked

2084 - pbProductProperties not binding correctly inside pbAdvCollection

2085 - pbDatalistSearchResult not searching in all datalist item fields

2088 - "Custom" WYSIWYG editor settings not being picked up by the site selection in the site settings

2095 - Importing Members with "Delete all existing Items before importing" throws error if Members have related profile collection items

2101 - Transparent png images appear with black around them on the site if using the thumbnailer

2102 - Subscriber email notifications error if forum subscriber has incorrect email address

2106 - Donations Console Pages do not have scrollbars

2111 - pbAdvCustomerDetails has no mapping for "phoneno" or "faxno" when saving field values

2114 - Error posting thread/reply when forum has no moderator

2115 - Form post replies do not convert line breaks into html and back

2116 - Member login status not correctly cleared when using SSLManager

2117 - pbCheckoutPostage rendered as dropdown does not select default value

2119 - Forum subscriber email notification errors when member email address is missing