Important information regarding VPC payment gateway (ANZ MiGS)

Dear all

Pegboard has recently been contacted by ANZ Merchant Services to notify us of an upcoming change to their MiGS Payment Gateway platform. This change will be rolled out in early 2012, and slightly changes the rules around the transaction format the gateway uses.

In preparation for this, we have audited our implementation of the Gateway. As a result of this audit we have made some minor changes to the gateway. These changes have been tested and are included in Pegboard version and newer.

To ensure your sites do not encounter any problems when the MiGS platform is updated, please organise to have your sites updated to this version (or newer) as soon as possible. This applies to any sites using the MiGS VPC gateway ( This includes the AnzVpc, BendigoVpc and CommWebVpc gateways.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this, please feel free to contact Pegboard support.