SEO Update

SEO minor update

SEO Title and Descriptions field has been enhanced to use the first 150 characters from a stated content region if the Title or description is empty. In addition, SEO keywords field improved to automatically generate suggested keywords from page content.

Setup site default page title and description to use content region

To allow SEO title and description to use content region text, first we would have to setup default page title and default page description field located in site detail page.


  • Right click on site and click edit

  • Now in site detail page edit fields “Default Page Title” & “Default Page Description”
  • Insert value {contentregion_yourcontentregionname} in page title & Description.
  • Please use your content region name after “{contentregion_“ and then close it with “}”
  • Save and close

Once the site is setup with default page title and description, it will automatically picks up first 150 words from specified content region to every page SEO title and description.

Generate Suggested Keywords

Now SEO allows user to auto generate keywords from page content. To auto generate keywords

  • Edit or create new page in pegboard console
  • Scroll down to Search Engine Optimisation section

    1. Click ”Suggest Keywords” button and it will refresh the page and also auto generates keywords based on page content.

  • Save and close page.