new pbTagCloud skintag

In standard pegboard version new tag cloud functionality has introduced.

A tag cloud is a visually representing occurrences of words used to described tags.  It allow website user to visualize related keywords of webpage. 


Tag cloud can be display on the website by including the following skin control in the template:


 Control template version of tagcloud

 This skin control contains the following new properties to customize the appearance of the tagcloud


  1. Width - specifies the width of the tag cloud. Default value is 400px
  2. Height – specifies the Height of the tag cloud. Default value is 100px
  3. Sorting - specifies in what order the tag Cloud items will be listed. By default they are not sorted. The user can choose to sort them alphabetically or based on their weight, in ascending or descending order. Possible values for this property are: NotSorted (default), AlphabeticAsc, AlphabeticDsc, WeightedAsc and WeightedDsc.
  4. MinimalWeightAllowed - specifies the lower bound for the item Weight. If the Weight of the item is smaller than this bound, the tag will not appear in the cloud. The default value is 0.0, which means the items will not be filtered.
  5. MaxNumberOfItems - specifies the maximal number of items that can (will) be shown in the cloud. Default value is 20.
  6. TakeTopWeightedItems - If the property is set to true, the items with the highest weight will be taken. The defualt value is True
  7. RenderItemWeight – displays item weight next to the item possible values for this property are: True, False(Default)
  8. MinFontSize and MaxFontSize - specify the range of the font size, the tag Cloud items could have. The defualt values are 10px and 20px, respectively.
  9. Distribution - specifies how the font size will be distributed among the items. When set to Linear the font size is distributed linearly and in the case of Logarithmic the items are weighted logarithmically.
  10. WordsToExclude – Add words to be excluded from the text separated by commas (.)
  11. ContentRegionName – Specify content regions name separated by commas(,) This property allows tag cloud to pick up keywords or tags from specified content regions name.
  12. ResultsPage - Specify a basicsearchresult page to display search result for tag cloud keywords when user click on any keyword of tag cloud. Default value is “SearchResult”


TagCloud skin tag example 

Tagcloud skintag with default properties 
[pbTagCloud]  / [pbCtTagCloud]

TagCloud with results page property 
[pbTagCloud ResultsPage=”searchresultpage”] / [pbCtTagCloud ResultsPage=”searchresultpage”] 

Tagcloud generated from content region 
[pbTagCloud ContentRegionName=”default” ResultsPage=”searchresultpage”] / [pbCtTagCloud ContentRegionName=”default” ResultsPage=”searchresultpage”]