Release 15 of Pegboard 6, available in December 2011

Release 15 of Pegboard 6, available in December 2011, is now available in Pegboard Manager. This release contains the following new features and bug fixes:



1985 - New Google merchant shopping page  / XML feed

1986 - Allow for Google analytics tracking when items are added to the shopping cart

2005 - Allow the newsletter addtional fields to be picked up in an email template

2024 - Add Advanced Form Data grouping and search filtering functions



1988 - New member total in Administration Console member widget incorrect for 3rd month

1990 - advItemImageGalleryImage filenameonly=true doesn't use the rawimageurl

1991 - Autofill items panel doesn't show/hide when newsletter template is changed

1996 - Form fields, Collection additional fields, Member additional fields, and Subscriber additional fields should only permit field names with alphanumeric characters

1997 - GetFile.axd handler cannot apply role based security

2000 - GST should be conditionally applied based on shipping address details, not billing address details

2001 - defaultbutton code does not work in IE9

2002 - Products being incorrectly identified as in a category when category name is a substring of another category

2003 - PaypalExpress - phone number not returned from Paypal to Pegboard

2004 - pbAdvItemImageGallery has no data bound item templates

2007 - Regression issues with pbProductSearch and pbProductSearchResults

2008 - WYSIWYG editor internal links do not include menu items

2010 - pbProductProperties is clearing selected properties session data when pbProductAddToCart with enableajax=false is clicked and fails

2018 - pbProductSearch - category dependency code destroying selection deeper than 2 levels

2021 - 500 server error when evaluating available browser devices using an empty user agent string

2022 - Error dragging sitemap item onto whitespace in sitemaptree

2023 - Role based filtering not working on the pbAdvBasicSearchResults

2026 - Updating subscriber group does not remove subscribers from group when they are de-selected