Google Analytics add to cart tracking

The Google Analytics ecommerce tracking has been implemented on all of the add to cart skintags (pbAddToCart, pbProductAddCheckedToCart, pbProductAddToCart, pbProductAddToCartAdv ) as well as the shopping cart skintags (pbAdvCart, pbCart). 

The tracking is completed through a two part process. The add to cart skintag needs to enable the tracking, and the page that the customer is redirected to also needs to have an add to cart or shopping cart skintag with the account details filled in. To do this, we need to have EnableGoogleAnalyticsCartAdd=”True” on an add to cart skintag, ie [pbAddToCart EnableGoogleAnalyticsCartAdd=”True”] and then if you redirect to the shopping cart once an item is added, the pbCart skintag also needs to have EnableGoogleAnalyticsCartAdd=”True” as well as at least the DomainName registered with Google and the AccountNumber, ie [pbCart EnableGoogleAnalyticsCartAdd=”True” DomainName=”Your_Domain” AccountNumber=”123456”]. If the add to cart process does not redirect to the shopping cart, the add to cart skintag needs to have at least the DomainName and AccountNumber skintags.

The full listing of new properties on these skintags are:



Default Value