Release 14 of Pegboard 6, available in November 2011

Release 14 of Pegboard 6, available in November 2011, is now available in Pegboard Manager. This release contains the following new features and bug fixes:



1151 - Add support for subscriber skintags inside Emarketing content regions

1684 - Add property to emarketing tags that render links to allow just rendering link literal

1901 - Allow subscribed campaigns to be managed via forms from front-end

1909 - Implement a skintag to list out newsletters - pbAdvNewsletters

1910 - Implement an autofill option for items associated with a newsletter

1946 - Add new example newsletter templates to default skin

1896 - Added Export buttons to the various emarketing reports

1903 - Custom formatting on emarketing email template skintags

1955 - E-marketing subscriber export now shows which groups a subscriber is in (note this is read-only and cannot changed by importing)

1904 - Emarketing newsletter image region fields display even when there are no image regions

1905 - pbNewsletter and pbCampaign value skintags not parsing in emarketing template

1906 - Newsletter items grid filter is case sensitive and does not sort by the sort order set on the collection



1893 - pbPanelMenu: allow dynamic property parsing

1907 - Add export/import functionality to URL redirects

1908 - Add property filenameonly to pbAdvItemImageGalleryImage tag

1944 - Add import/export functionality to collection additional fields

1967 - Split forum user email templates into approved and rejected templates

1978 - Add ability to make formfield match another formfield (eg: to set up a 'confirm email address' form field)

1892 - Allow members content to have multiple category fields determine which categories an item is associated with

1898 - Allow pbGoogleMap to display inside a members search results listing

1911 - Implement a filter URL parameter look-up on the pbAdvCollection skintag

1920 - Allow additional fields to be accessible and filterable on the members search results

1954 - Enhancements: Product Unit of Measure and Collection specific postage ranges



1857 - Emarketing subscriber filter always picks up the "All Subscribers" column definitions

1895 - pbImageEx and pbContentEx tag picks up incorrect page to retrieve content from

1900 - Sending a member email from pegboard console fails if the member profile information is empty

1917 - Cannot update subscriber campaigns using pbMemberSignupForm or pbMemberSignupFormSubmit

1918 - pbMembershipRedirect does not factor in renew url parameter

1919 - pbEmSignupFormSubmit cannot pre-fill by subscriber key url parameter

1923 - Deleting a forum thread does not delete any thread replies from database.

1931 - Error exporting site pages

1934 - Members signup form only allows members details to be set if the field is a string

1937 - pbSiteMenu double encodes already encoded html escape characters

1940 - Forum thread reply view always shows html editor even when not in edit mode

1942 - pbProductProperties not correctly setting default value, and not calculating tax amount

1943 - Form field datasource and additional field datasource dropdown fields showing collections from all sites

1949 - pbCheckoutCustomerDetails and pbCheckoutPostage cannot sit on the same page with an Auspost calculated postage type

1951 - pbForumRecentPosts picking up posts from forums that are not in a category

1952 - pbMemberSignupForm tag removes any existing categories accociated with form without checking whether it should do so

1933 - pbCollectionList throws an error when category contains an apostrophe

1958 - Export subscribers errors if there are orphaned subscribergroupsubscriber records

1959 - Searchable checkbox not pre-loading on membersignupform

1960 - pbProductAddToCart onclick property not working in all instances

1964 - pbCheckoutEmSubscribe should only return public campaigns, as per a formfield bound to emarketing campaigns

1965 - Categories and Items in pbSiteMenu are not given a "selected" css class when selected

1969 - [Membership.DaysToExpiry] calculating incorrect value

1970 - Issues with product properties backup/restore functionality

1975 - Collection import function will always update alias of siteobject

1976 - pbProductProperties does not work inside pbProductSearchResults tag

1981 - Error when deleting an eMarketing campaign