New Emarketing functionality in Pegboard V6.0.13.1

Emarketing Update


This documentation covers the recent changes to the available functionality in the emarketing module.

Minimum Requirements

Pegboard V6.0.13.1


Listing newsletters on the front-end of a site

The pbAdvNewsletters skintag has been implemented to allow newsletters to be listed out on the front-end of a Pegboard site.

Example usage of the new skintag is:


 [pbAdvNewsletters Campaign="General News"]
        [Item.Name] - [Item.Description] <a href='[Item.PreviewURL]'>View Preview</a><br/>


Available skintags in the item/altitem templates:






Formatting pbItemField values

The pbItemField skintag has been extended to now include a ‘Format’ property, which allows the output to be formatted as specified.

Examples of the Format property in use are:

[pbItemField Field="CreatedDateTime" ItemName="Item1" Format="dd-MM-yyyy"]

[pbItemField Field="RetailPrice" ItemName="Item1" Format="0.00"]

Invalid Email Report

The Invalid Email Report displays the subscribers that have provided an email address that does not match the correct email pattern, or have provided an email address that is not reachable via a test send.   

Subscribers with an invalid email address can easily be removed from emarketing using the delete button.


Autofill newsletter items

Items that are associated with a newsletter, such as the latest news, or products, can now be automatically selected using the “Autofill Items” section on the newsletter details page.  The items can be selected from any collection on the site.

Note: This still requires the use of the pbItem and pbItemField skintags.


Ordering of campaigns

Campaigns can now be manually sorted in the console. This sorts the campaigns both in the console and also on the front-end when using a campaign selection on a member signup or emarketing form.


Exporting Delivery, Opened, and Links Reports

Delivery, Opened, and Links reports can now be exported via the reports section in the console.

Delivery Report:


Opened Report:


Links Report:


The links report has an export for both the summary and the link detail reports.


pbSubscriber skintag in content regions

Content regions inside a newsletter in the console now support the use of the pbSubscriber skintag. This allows the site administrator to personalise the content of the newsletter to the subscriber without needing to make a change to the email template.

Example usage is the same as would be used on an email template:

[pbSubscriber Key=”Firstname”]


Allow rendering of link literals

The following skintags now have a new skintag to allow the link to be outputted without the surrounding anchor tag. This allow finer control over the styling of these elements.


pbReferFriend - pbReferFriendURL

pbUnsubscribe - pbUnsubscribeURL

pbUpdateSubscriber - pbUpdateSubscriberURL

pbPreview - pbPreviewURL