Related Items

A new related items panel has been created within all collection items to allow any collection item to link to another. 


To display related items on the front-end of the site you would use a pbAdvRelatedCollection skintag.

 Having related items across possibly many different types of collections (datalist, document, product, etc.) poses a potential issue where a skintag specific to a collection type is used. For example, using [Item.RetailPrice] would work fine in a product template, but not a document template.

 To get around this issue, I have create a new property “Datatype” on the pbAdvContentPanel to allow you to template different collection types without any issues.

 Here’s an example that shows how pbAdvContentPanel  works inside a pbAdvRelatedCollection template:

                        General details can go here, such as []
                        Specific details relating to the type of data can go in a pbAdvContentPanel:
                        [pbAdvContentPanel Datatype="Datalist"]
                        [pbAdvContentPanel Datatype="Document"]
                        [pbAdvContentPanel Datatype="Product"]