Release 12 of Pegboard 6, available in September 2011

Release 12 of Pegboard 6, available in September 2011, is now available in the Pegboard Manager. This release contains the following new features and bug fixes:


1817 - Forums module editor updated

1148 - Filtering an Emarketing subscriber list also filters the data exported

1649 - Emarketing subscriber additional fields are accessible via email templates

1773 - Implemented News Links and Podcast collection types in API

1750 - Added property IncludeStartPageInMenu to pbPanelMenu

1778 - Added property EnableDefault to pbCheckoutPostage

1807 - Event registration form details are used to pre-fill pbCheckoutCustomerDetails/pbAdvCustomerDetails in checkout pages

1820 - New property, "Filter" for pbMemberSearchResults and pbAdvMemberSearchResults tags

1824 - Blog comments can be exported for all collections with comments enabled

1844 - New property, "Category" for pbForumList tag

1712 - New skintag - pbBookmarkItemCount

1716 - Implemented related items for collection items

1727 - Implemented pending items for members content

1733 - New skintag - [Member.ProfileURL] which provides a link to the profile page of a member

1735 - Allow event tiered pricing to have an edit & view only mode

1737 - Add ability to apply tax to ecommerce postage, and create a price break for various postage types

1743 - Allow member roles to be set on a member signup form

1744 - Allow the member activity summary to display ratings

1745 - Allow the blog comment form to include ratings

1746 - Allow for member bookmarks to be viewed by another website user

1772 - Allow members to update their username using the member signup forms

1775 - Implement dependencies based on a datasource in the product search

1785 - Implement a from/to salary selector for the job search.

1808 - Implement a new date time picker form field type

1825 - Extend the product search to have a slider for price, checkbox list fields, images in dropdown and checkbox list

1845 - Allow pbMemberBlogCommentList to have an AuthorId control template value

1846 - Allow member content forms to optionally delete category associations of an item that is being updated

1781 - Members module enhancement - Memberships

1803 - Change PxPay and PxPay to use new gateway URLs


1828 - Emarketing mail-outs stop part way through mail-out and don't start sending again

1834 - Category list box not pre-loading selected categories

1554 - When subscriber is deleted from emarketing - any groups the subscriber is in may not be updated to remove reference to the subscriber

1713 - pbPageNav doesn't implement all possible sort fields

1714 - pbAdvCollection performance degrades with a large number of additional fields in a collection

1718 - pbImageEx PageName property does not restrict search to current site

1719 - Members import is slow when there are large numbers of both subscribers and roles

1725 - Cannot filter pbAdvCollection by additional fields if collection returns no data

1734 - Tiered pricing price per seat should allow 4 decimal places

1738 - Banner ad stats throws error when saving a referrer url from google adwords

1739 - Form hidden captcha needs a label for each input to meet accessibility requirements

1749 - Cannot edit blog comments for products via blogcommentmanager

1753 - There is no way to differentiate validation errors between bill to and ship to fields in pbAdvCustomerDetails tags

1763 - API returns billing company in shiptocompany field

1766 - Products search displaying id's instead of additional field value

1777 - Css class on label form field type cannot be set

1782 - skintag pbProductProperties attribute DefaultDropDownText not working properly

1788 - Forum email template [QuickLink] tag not working.

1792 - Emarketing subscriber export times out when exporting more than 20,000 subscribers

1795 - pbMemberSignupForm does not redirect to shoppingcart when member already logged in and signuprequirespayment="true"

1796 - pbForm - Remoteformpost querystring value does not work in conjunction with action and method properties

1799 - Pending member only adding first role when member goes live

1804 - pbPanelMenu showing all items (categories, collection, collection items) at top level

1815 - Dropdowns for user and moderator email template are empty, when adding a new forum collection item

1821 - Collection dropdowns in eMarketing do not restrict values to a single site

1822 - Error viewing collection items after setting panel defaults

1831 - Cannot use [Member.Password] and other tags on pbMemberSignupForm

1835 - pbBasicSearchSummary does not display correct results count

1836 - Error saving a category using pegboarddataservice api call

1837 - Auto promo codes do not apply if more than one item auto promo code exists, even if they do not overlap

1839 - pbForumRecentPosts does not convert bbcode to html

1842 - Emarketing delivery report stats not always correct

1849 - Error occurs when sending email to forum moderator, if moderator is missing firstname and/or lastname

1764 - Pending items should only allow one pending item for an item at a time