Release 10 of Pegboard 6, available in July 2011

Release 10 of Pegboard 6, available in July 2011, is now available in the Pegboard Manager. This release contains the following new features and bug fixes:



 1584 - Added hostadmin password to Pegboard Manager

1650 - Implement a new freight calculator control

1661 - Optimise pbPanelMenu and pbSiteMenu when showcategories="true" and showitems="true"

1666 - pbDatalistSearchResults to be extended to allow a list of postcodes to be checked when doing a postcode search

1668 - Make pbMemberBlogCommentList templateable

1669 - Implement "first" and "last" command buttons for pbWizardNavigator

1296 - Implement the pbAdvPaymentDetails skintag

1695 - Added property NewMemberContentActive to pbMemberContentForm and pbMemberContentFormSubmit

1704 - Added tiered event prices and dynamic name textbox control

1707 - Added surcharge to TNT postage types



 1296 - SMS Details panel is displayed even when SMS module is not purchased.

1402 - Default buttons do not get set on pbAdvMemberLogin

1296 - Link checker includes links that start with "#" and "mailto" as broken links

1296 - LinkedProduct session variable not set on product properties init function

1296 - Using category import it is possible to create duplicate itemcategory associations

1296 - pbForumList does not render link to last post if last post is thread with no replies

1296 - pbAdvOrderItems does not allow pbImage to display an image

1296 - Category import crashes when trying to rebuild product to category associations

1664 - pbCheckoutPaymentDetails dropdown not displaying correctly in iPhone

1402 - pbRssFeed does not render defaultimageregion

1442 - pbContent is displaying incorrect linkedproduct content

1583 - EnablePricePrefix and EnablePriceInfo not implemented in pbControlTemplateProductProperties

1584 - Added in a check on the members email address in the console to display a message if the member's email already exists

1652 - pbAdvCustomerDetails not working as editable on shoppingcart, and not read-only on checkout pages

1689 - Member email via console not picking up default.htm template when template set to [Default]

1296 - pbEmMemberSignupForm does not pre-fill additional fields

1296 - Cannot import product property values that match up via product property name

1402 - Cannot download a Pegboard backup that contains an apostrophe in its name

1442 - Mobile user agent checking can crash if user agent string is blank

1583 - pbMemberActivitySummary does not handle null fields

1650 - Ecom2: pbAdvCart - item's itemoptions now implemented

1709 - pbMemberSignupForm with EnableEmSignup="True" does not link member to subscriber