Release 9 of Pegboard 6, available in June 2011

Release 9 of Pegboard 6, available in June 2011, is now available in the Pegboard Manager. This release contains the following new features and bug fixes:


1530 - New skintag pbEventPrice

1531 - Add in functionality to expose the selected product property's product so the product values can be used on the page

1586 - Add dynamic property support to pbCollectionList

1589 - Extend the dynamic property parsing routine to allow members details to be exposed

1636 - Add new Postage type "Postcode Range" which allows calculation by postcode distance

1637 - Add property EnableWrapAround to pbPageNav

1643 - Add Appsettings key to toggle whether googlesitemap includes invisible items or not

1601 - Update payway API references to latest version

1606 - Make email error more descriptive by including innerexception

1621 - Add support for linked product property price to the pbProductPrice

1335 - Optimised the pbAdvBasicSearchResults and pbBasicSearchResults skintags to improve performance

1415 - Optimised the pbMemberSearch skintag to improve performance

1613 - Optimised Products2 Property Import to improve performance


1327 - There is no way to create a permission that allows a user to add items to a collection without also allowing the user access to create another collection altogether

1380 - Order items not sorting correctly

1406 - Check boxes are not being cleared after items are added to the cart

1412 - Bookmarks refreshing page without any URL parameters, causing search results to be empty

1477 - Blog comments viewed at the collection level don't have an edit option

1591 - pbDataListSearchResults crash if search by postcode is done without specifying postcode distance

1594 - pbRssList doesn't work for some valid rss feed urls

1595 - pbFormFieldList does not render asterisks against required fields

1596 - Auditing Manager shows content and image regions in the grid

1597 - pbCheckoutProceed doesn't save advcustomerdetails data before redirecting to paypal

1598 - hideolditems does not work on controltemplatecollectionlist

1599 - pbBlogCommentForm does not implement RedirectTo property

1600 - pbBreadcrumb picking up categories from incorrect collection

1603 - pbBreadcrumb does not pick up LastCategoryVisited correctly

1605 - The property EnableArrows does not work on scControlTemplateProductAddQuantity

1615 - Product dimensions do not get dynamically brought through when product property dimensionmode = override or add

1618 - Membersignupformsubmit allowing duplicate usernames

1623 - Case issue - Member additional fields not displaying

1626 - Forums module not picking up site's datetime format

1627 - There is no way to assign a member to a role during checkout

1631 - Error occurring when a collection additional field datasource is bound to member roles

1633 - Datalist search not saving the collection property from the skintag into the searchquery.

1634 - Cannot edit pbCheckoutCustomerDetails on shoppingcart page

1639 - pbWizard pages do not recognise when a form customvalidator has failed

1642 - API test client throws error when trying to retrieve categories

1645 - Event price display (console only, db is fine) does not have 4 digits of precision as per products module

1647 - pbAdvCustomerDetails not saving "rememberme" information