Release 7 of Pegboard 6, available in April 2011

Release 7 of Pegboard 6, available in April 2011, is now available in the Pegboard Manager. This release contains the following new features and bug fixes:


 1450 - Added new property EventsPerDay to the pbEventCalendar

1454 - Added new property DescriptionContentRegion to specify content region to display in RSS feed

1461 - Added new property PostFormValues to allow form field values to be posted to one page, with the user redirected to a different page

1471 - Added a NoDataTemplate to pbBlogCommentList and pbAdvBlogCommentList

1473 - Implement member login attempts with account locking

1478 - Switch forms over to use new CAPTCHA control

1491 - Added TNT Postage Type

1509 - Added new PrintMode property to pbCheckoutCustomerDetails and pbCheckoutPaymentDetails skintags

1513 - Create a member's additional field type to bind to a dropdown as the datasource

1522 - Added new property TitleLabel to the pbCheckoutPostage control to modify the title

1528 - Improved performance of the pbProductUserValue skintag when bound to a collection

1535 - Added new property IsRequired to make pbProductAddComments required and ErrorText if the comment is not entered


1438 - Nested pbAdvCollection not working with masterkeyfield='name' detailkeyfield='categorypaths'

1440 - Product user comments and values not being picked up when using the pbProductAddCheckedToCart

1457 - pbAdvPageSummary displays header and footer even when there is no data

1464 - pbAdvPager should not display when there is only one page of results

1465 - Nesting of pbAdvCategory tags inside one another does not work

1482 - Emarketing pbItemField not rendering ImageRegions

1496 - pbMiniCartSummary "|" character cannot be easily targetted with CSS

1498 - pbPageNav does not allow fine-tuning of its navigation links

1526 - SSL pages crash intermittently in the Safari Browser

1529 - pbProductAddCheckedToCart not adding in download URL and maxDownloads values

1536 - When changing the selected credit card in the checkout payment details, the card surcharge isn't recalculated as part of the total