Release 6 of Pegboard 6, available in March 2011.

Release 6 of Pegboard 6, available in March 2011, is now available in the Pegboard Manager. This release contains the following new features and bug fixes:



1347 - Added a new cart-wide Promo Code based on the number of items in the cart

1357 - Added the ability to force new members to reset their password from a confirmation email

1384 - Added a "RedirectTo" property to the pbEmUnsubscribeConfirm control

1386 - Added Templated Menu Item (MegaMenu) support in the pbSiteMenu control

1396 - In the Admin Console, added a "View Live Page" command button to collection manager items and the events calander

1397 - Added a "MaxItems" property to the pbAdvItemCategorySummary control



1317 - In the Admin Consle in the Collection Manager, when managing collection items with a category filter, when you delete an item, the filter is lost.

1353 - Advanced Form Data causes an error when a form field has a space in the name

1355 - TextArea form fields do not carry line breaks over to emails

1381 - The pbMemberInfo control does not work when looking up the ID field

1382 - Importing data when category names contain an apostrophe throws an error

1391 - In the Admin Console, event colours are lost on the event items when editing and saving the event collection

1394 - The Member Signup form always preloads the currently logged in member even if a dataid parameter is passed in on the URL

1400 - Cannot call the Pegboard Data Service API from Silverlight

1416 - The pbDataListSearchSummary control always shows 0 results unless search history is enabled

1429 - In the Admin Console in the ECommerce Settings, an error occurs when adding a new card type without overriding the default credit card surcharge

1432 - pbItem link=true only works for property name, not itemname or regionname

1438 - Nested collections not working with masterkeyfield='name' detailkeyfield='categorypaths'

1440 - Product user comments and values are not being picked up when using the pbProductAddCheckedToCart control

1446 - The Captcha form field type throws an error when using inline forms