Design Awards 2008

Pegboard Design Awards 2008

How to Apply

To make an application to the Pegboard Design Awards, follow the easy steps below.

1. Check your product's eligibility

2. Agree to conditions of entry

3. Email your entry*

4. Check your Web sites eligibility

· Web sites must be designed by a Pegboard Channel Partner.

· Web sites are not eligible to enter unless they have been Launched and are live and available to the market by the time of Final Round Judging. Web sites still undergoing testing or that are in on staging servers are not eligible to enter.

· Websites entered into these awards must be on a Pegboard License and utilize the Pegboard product.

· Web sites designed for self promotion or in-house use are not eligible to enter.

2. Agree to conditions of entry

· The decision of the judges is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

· The Pegboard Design Awards reserves the right to refuse entry of Web sites that challenge unfairly the eligibility rules.

· It is a condition of entry that the web sites, images and associated material be made available for use by Pegboard Software Pty Ltd for the promotion of Pegboard. Please note that images might be supplied to the media for publication to further promote the product.

· Entries must be accompanied by all applicable user instruction etc.

· The Pegboard Design Awards reserves the right to conduct further tests or request substantiation of Web site claims and standards compliance.

· The Pegboard Design Awards will do everything possible to ensure the security of submission material during assessment.

· By submitting an application to the Pegboard Design Awards, the applicant is agreeing to the abovementioned terms and conditions of entry.

· Each Pegboard Channel Partner may only submit one Web site each.

3. Make an online application

Log onto the Pegboard Partner Area on the Pegboard web site and go to the Pegboard Design Awards page and fill out the application form and follow the prompts. Please note that once you have made your submission, you will no longer be able to revise your application form.

Benefits of Entry

Reward your creative genius with a Pegboard Design Award. You could enjoy the vast array of benefits associated with a stake in this high profile industry program. The best way to to gain some well-deserved recognition for your new design, is to enter the Pegboard Design Awards. The following offers a breakdown of the key benefits from entry level through to the top accolade.

1. Full page product profile on the Australian Design Awards website

· High visitation rate and ranking on all popular internet search engines

· Entries remain on or, unless removed on request

2. Media Exposure

· PR, Marketing and the ability for successful entries to self promote the awards received.

3. Associated Benefits

· Networking

· Job referrals

· Product enquiries

· Peer Recognition

· Being part of an energetic industry body that is well supported and actively pursues all opportunities to enhance the wellbeing of Australian design.

· Pegboard Design Award Logos for self promotion.

4. Finalist and runner up Prizes.

· There will be 3 major prizes and 5 runner up prizes.

Assessment Process

Each site will be voted on a number of times on categories by a selected panel of judges;

The categories are as follows;

1. Graphics

2. Artwork

3. Layout

4. Navigability

5. Functionality

6. Originality

Judging Panel for 2008;

· Ashton Wynne-Yorke (Pegboard)

· Jenna McDonald (Marketing Consultant)

· Paul Minty (Pegboard Partner)

· Bill Butcher (Branding Consultant)

· Adam Bek(Festo National MArketing Manager)

Note: The selected Pegboard Partner on the panel cannot submit a site for an award within the year he or she resides on the panel.



1st $500 Myer Voucher

2nd $250 Myer Voucher

3rd $100 Myer Voucher

Runner Ups $50 Myer Voucher

*Note: Only one entry per Partner
Entries Close on the 15th August