Release 5 of Pegboard 6, available in February 2011

Release 5 of Pegboard 6, available in February 2011, contains the following new features and bug fixes:




1214 - Added First Item, Last Item, Last Alternating Item and No Data Templates to the pbAdvJobSearchResults skin control

1221 - Modified the donation receipt fields to optionally output as a literal instead of a span

1251 - New skin control: pbDeviceSkinSwitcher - enables the user to manually switch between the mobile an full version of a site

1252 - Updated the pagesummary skin controls to use dynamic properties for the startPage property

1256 - Added a header and footer template to the advItemImageGallery skin control

1270 - Added a new form field type called CategoryCheckBoxList

1273 - New skin control: pbHeadContent - forces content to go into the head of a page

1293 - Modifed the ECommerce Payment Details control to optionally capture credit card months as numbers instead of words. E.g. '01' instead of 'Jan'




1015 - Importing members in the Admin Console takes a long time if there is a large number of existing members to delete

1132 - In the Admin Console, if collection items are filtered, the filtering is not applied to the Excel Export

1162 - It is not possible to set the date format of the Order.Date tag in an order email

1190 - In the Admin Console, the eMarketing Job Queue freezes intermittently

1200 - When setting up a form field, there is no handling of inactive/invisible/searchable items when you bind a dropdown to a collection in the datasource section

1216 - In the Admin Console, when exporting collection items to Excel, the Categories column is in the incorrect format

1218 - The count displayed by pbAdvSearchSummary does not match number of results returned by pbAdvSearchResults when collection/filter/maxitems properties are used

1228 - In the order emails and order export, the order items are not sorted

1234 - the pbDatalistSearchResults control does not check scheduling settings

1262 - Stepped forms using the pbWizard skin control does not display form errors from a custom validator until after the user has navigated away from the page with the error

1286 - The pbAdvCollection skin control is not hiding role-based items that the user does not have access to

1305 - The pbCheckoutPostage skin control does not validate on the shopping cart page and the postage amount does not appear in the pbCart skin control on this page

1315 - The pbContent skin control does not render inside a pbWizardPage skin control

1329 - The pbPageSummary skin control is only displaying child pages when the StartPage property is set