Release 4 of Pegboard 6 , available in January 2011

The new year brings a new release of Pegboard 6. Pegboard 6 Release 4, available in January 2011, contains the following new features and bug fixes:


 807 - Added support for Pegboard 6 in the Pegboard Manager

1045 - Redesigned the data storage in the Advanced Form Data to be more scalable. The module now supports large numbers of form entries.

1105 - In the ECommerce Module, it must be possible to specify a minimum and maximum amount for each payment type. If the shopping cart total is not in the limit, then hide the payment type in the checkout.

1116 - Added support for custom pagers with optional image buttons in the pbProductSearchResults control

1126 - Added the ability to specify dynamic values in certain skin controls. E.g. [pbAdvCollection Collection="{thisObject.AdditionalFieldName}"]

1146 - Added the property EnablePriceInfo to the pbCheckoutPostage control

1153 - Added the property Target to the pbBannerAd control

1167 - Added new field types to the pbDataListSearch: From/To textboxes, checkbox and checkboxlist

1171 - New skin control: pbCartRelatedProducts - displays related products for items in the cart inside the checkout pages

1173 - New skin control: pbFormFieldList - dynamically generates all form fields when used in conjunction with a pbFormSubmit control

1177 - Added dynamic dependencies between dropdown fields inside the pbDataListSearch control

1181 - Added the property HideCurrentItem to the pbAdvItemCategorySummary

1201 - Added the option to specify the label for the captcha in the pbBlogCommentForm control



882 - In the Admin Console in the Category Manager, the Up and Down Sort Order buttons are not working correctly

982 - In the Admin Console, when editing an additional field, if the data type for an existing additional field is changed, the correct options for the new data type do not appear

1050 - The order in which the products on the order details table in the order receipt are not the same as the shopping cart

1080 - When extensionless URLs are enabled, a call to an incorrect url gives a 404 error coming from IIS rather than from Pegboard

1103 - In the Admin Console in the Collection Manager, the Save & Close button returns to the first page instead of the last page that was viewed

1113 - In the Admin Console, "hidden" additional fields are visible and their default values are not set

1140 - In the Admin Console, the collection import function is very slow

1150 - pbBannerAd not displaying if the Height and Width property is not set

1152 - pbAdvCollection throws an error when calling [item.imageurl]

1156 - pbCheckoutEmSubscribe only works on the Checkout Details page

1157 - Document.FileURL and Document.DownloadURL are not working inside a control template

1159 - Event Registrant import not importing all fields

1202 - pbCheckoutCustomerDetails is not loading member details from a members signup form

1206 - CommandName and CommandArgument are not being set correctly in the pbButton