Release 3 of Pegboard 6, available in December 2010

Release 3 of Pegboard 6, available in December 2010, contains the following new features and bug fixes:


 986 - New skin control - pbAdvItemImageGallery - Please refer to the Pegboard Reference Guide for details

995 - Added a parameter to the pbFormField to disable prepopulating of data when the form loads

996 - New skin control - pbGoogleAnalytics - Please refer to the Pegboard Reference Guide for details

1039 - Modified the Product Search Results to include a First/Last/NoData template

1041 - Modified the Product Search to have an auto load option and to specify the individual "all" option text for the dropdown fields

1049 - Added the option to switch skins depending on the browser device, e.g. Mobile, IPhone, Android, etc

1105 - It must be possible to specify a minimum and maximum amount for payment types. If the shopping cart total is not in the limit, then hide the payment type in the checkout.

1109 - Added MinWidth and MinHeight properties to pbImage and pbImageEx. This allows the image to be expanded if necessary.


 924 - pbProductSearch - additional field dropdowns should have the same sort order as the order of the list items specified in the console

945 - Inline Forms are not prefilling additional fields

961 - Emarketing mailout marks itself as complete prematurely

966 - Datalist Search not calculating approximate distance correctly.

988 - Cart-wide promotional codes are ignoring the "Active" flag and the scheduling settings

993 - In the Administration Console, the Skinning panel is not displaying when editing a Category

1006 - pbSiteMenu - when using the Selected Image property the selected image switches back to the roll over image

1059 - pbProductRelatedList - the PageSize property is being ignored

1076 - When a shopping cart is converted to an order, the sequence of the order items is scrambled

1083 - Some skin controls that contain a pbPager are not setting the default CSS class on the pager to "pbPager"

1112 - The search indexing of documents is failing to complete