Release 2 of Pegboard 6, available in November 2010

After the positive feedback from the release of Pegboard 6 in October, we have continued to add new enhancements on top of the exiting new features that were part of the initial release of Pegboard 6.


Release 2 of Pegboard 6, available in November 2010, contains the following new features and bug fixes:




860 - SEO Optimisation: Add the ability to dynamically generate a page title based on tags specified in the Site Object Title

892 - Forms Enhancements:

·         Add Excel import/export of form fields

·         Stop members from submitting a form more than once

·         Add support for Stepped Forms

916 - Donations Module Enhancements:

·         Allow any payment types, not just credit card payments

·         In the Admin Console, display and export member info for member donations

923 - Add property to pbImage to show the AltText as the Tooltip

936 - Add the ability to nest a collection repeater in an item category summary

941 - Add SMS support to EMarketing




869 - ECommerce Postage Types are not sorted correctly in the Admin Console

872 - Datalist Search: 2nd level dropdowns displaying incorrect options when a 1st level dropdown value is selected

875 - Email template skintags display category id instead of category name

877 - pbAdvCollection applies the MaxItems constraint incorrectly if there are filter and sort constraints specified

878 - Staging module - if you edit a page and put it in pending state, click save and close, then view details - the staged change is lost

887 - pbProductSearchResults does not work when a controltemplate skintag with an update panel is included inside it

911 - Datalist Search returning results in incorrect order when sorting on postal distance

924 - pbProductSearch - additional field dropdowns should have the same sort order as the order of the list items specified in the console

932 - Cascading category form field throws an error where there are four or more levels used

943 - Backup/Restore not working correctly for News collection items

944 - Backup/Restore not working correctly for image and content regions

946 - pbAdvCategory does not automatically show subcategories when on a category page

947 - When sending an EMarketing Newsletter to a group, the email/SMS is sent even if the subscriber in the group is not linked to the campaign

956 - pbImageEx does not work on control templates

831 - [pbSubscriber] skintags do not work inside <a> tags in a newsletter