Release Notes 5.2

As part of our commitment to continually improving Pegboard we are proud to announce Pegboard 5.2 Release. With this Pegboard release we have expanded Pegboard and at the same time strengthen existing modules to give even more of the flexibility that we have become accustomed to. 


Upgrades for websites can be arranged by contacting  Please supply the website details to perform the minor upgrade. e.g. ftp url, username and password. Partners on silver & gold support maintenance are eligible to minor upgrades to live websites.


The Pegboard Reference Guide and Dreamweaver Snippets have been updated for this latest version and are now available in partner area of the Pegboard website (manuals & tutorials page)



·         ADDED: A new  “save & new” option has added to all modules.

·         ADDED: A control template is available for the item image galleries.

·         ADDED: Ability to copy pages and collections from the console sitemap tree

·         ADDED: An option to keep .NET Application alive is available within the site preferences.

·         ADDED: Search index rebuild can now be scheduled.

·         ADDED: Caching options are now available within the preferences

·         ADDED: Reset all checkouts option is now available to administrators

·         ADDED: Option in web.fig file to switch off the single user logins

·         FIXED: clicking the save button will leave you on the current page

·         ADDED: Ability to make pbimage or pbcontent skintags invisible.

·         ADDED: Ability to switch on/off the containers on several skintags

·         ADDED: Ability to specify the category filter on collection list and summary

·         ADDED: Ability to filter on multiple fields on the collection list and summary

·         ADDED: Ability to sort on multiple fields on the collection list and summary

·         ADDED: Random passwords for members and console users

·         ADDED: Mini event calendar

·         ADDED: Ability to specify a template for each category in the console

·         FIXED: Images appearing in the silverlight gallery within forefox3

·         FIXED: Reviewed all security settings for the console menu and sitemap tree


Forums Module

·         Display the most recent posts

·         Search all forms posts

Forum Topics

·         Display a summary and list of multiple forum topics and discussion threads

·         Display the full detail of each topic and discussion threads, including the web user details and avatar

·         Create a new discussion thread and reply to a discussion thread

·         Edit and delete responses at a later stage

·         Reply to any message

·         Reply to any reply

·         Create a new topic

·         Either open to anyone or password protected (with Members Module)

·         Include a quote from the post you are repyling too.

·         Support for BB codes. E.g. bold, italic and underline, image, link and quote

Forum Manger

·         Manage the forum posts and threads

·         Assign a start/end date, name, description and forum moderator to each new topic

·         Enter free form content though a WYSIWYG editor

·         Activate or de-activate posts

·         Make the posts visible or invisible

·         Schedule when topics are available

·         Choose the order of the topics.

·         Notification of posts can be distributed to users via a RSS feed.

·         Assign security access to posts.

·         Moderation of forum posts

·         Import and Export forum items


NEW: Emarketing Module - Reports

·         Ability to add in all types of content from the website to a newsletter. e.g. add events content into a newsletter

·         Ability preview a newsletter from the console and from a link within the newsletter

·         Image regions have been added to newsletters



·         Mailout Report -Displays a summary of successful and failed emails for each newsletter mail out (including bar graph)

·         Opened Report - Displays how many times a newsletter has been opened (including pie graph)

·         Links Report - Displays the total number of times each link in a newsletter has been clicked (including pie graph)

·         Unsubscribe Report -Displays a list of all the users that have unsubscribed (no graph)


NEW: Podcasting, Vodcasting / RSS Module

·         Ability to store all details for video and audio files in the console

·         Ability to setup an outbound POD & VOD feed for the audio and video files.

·         Ability to setup an outbound RSS feed for all types of content. This is part of the pegboard core license.

·         Ability to setup an inbound RSS feed and display the content on the website.


NEW: BookMarking

·         Ability to keep a list of bookmarked content within the website. This is for available all modules.

·         Ability to remove all BookMarked content.


NEW: Advanced Search

·         Ability to setup an dynamic advanced search for the modules: forums, documents, datalist and products module.

·         The document search, can search the content of document file. The following formats: pdf, doc & rtf


NEW: Ecommerce Module

·         Gateways: SecurePay XML, Camtech, NAB Interact Gateway, Paypal Pro Integration

·         Ability to go to the checkout directly after a product is added to the shopping cart.


Jobs Module

·         Search for jobs by keywords, category, location and job type

·         Display a list of events or summary of jobs on the homepage

·         Display the full detail of each job

·         Ability for web users to apply for vacancies

·         Ability to manager applicants for each job

·         Ability to categorise the jobs into different sections

·         Notification of jobs can be distributed to users via a RSS feed

·         Export/Import via excel jobs and applicants


If you have any questions about the Pegboard 5.2 Release, contact us at:

Thank you for using Pegboard!