Pegboard 5 September Release

The following bug fixes and new features are available in the September Release of Pegboard 5 (Version 5.51.1):


24 - Backup/Restore not working correctly for Forums Module

44 - When importing collection properties, an error occurs if there are forward slashes ('/') in the category name. Categories are now imported with a backslash ('\') so that forward slahes ('/') are allowed in the category name.

517 - pbProductSearchSummary always showing 0 results

534 - In the Admin Console, the sitemap doesn't reflect changes when a part of the site is copied using the "Copy To" function

560 - Staging functionality for BannerAds not working

572 - Members backup / restore not working

573 - Documents backup / restore not working

606 - EMarketing Links Report Error When URL Contains an Apostrophe

608 - Single collection orders do not work for events



39 - Product Properties - Added override for height, width and depth

106 - When editing products in the Admin Console, Normal Price now appears above Retail Price

144 - Commweb 3rd Party VPC Payment Gateway now supported

284 - It is now possible to specify a class for each of the elements of a bottom/top pager for a collection

518 - Allow ItemImageGallery custom sorting

527 - PartialMatch functionality fully implemented for pbDocumentSearch/pbDocumentSearchResults

532 - Added mailout functionality to the Donations Form

542 - It is now possible to specify a credit card surcharge per credit card type

557 - Added a new option to the cart-level Promotions to apply a Cap to the shopping cart

558 - Added "Address2", "Gender" and "Date of Birth" to the Shopping Cart. Added "Address2", Gender", "Date of Birth" and "Mobile Number" to Members.

607 - Added skin tags to detect the browser device, E.g. IPad, IPhone, etc.

613 - Datalist Search Control: Added "Required" option for Categories CheckBoxList and default values for Dropdown fields

619 - It is now possible to render the pbProductProperties control as a graphical selector

635 - It is now possible to set the email templates for forum notification emails in the Admin Console

650 - Added field information icon with popup for all fields on the pbBlogCommentForm skincontrol