Pegboard 5 August Release

Below is a list of features and bug fixes included in the August Release of Pegboard 5:


1.       Features


1.1   When importing collection properties, added support for the '/' character in the category name. In order to allow '/' in the category name, the category separator has been changed from '/' to '\'. I.e. use backslash instead of forwardslash for the category separator when importing a collection.

Please Note – this feature changes the way product categories are imported – categores must now be imported using '\' as a separator instead of '/'.


1.2   Added a "Title" option to the Blog Comment Form. Set the "ShowTitle" property to true on the pbBlogCommentForm and a "Title" text box will appear on the form.


1.3   In the Datalist Search control, added the ability to automatically redirect an item if there is only one item in the search result. The property is called "RedirectOnSingleResult".


1.4   Added a new skin tag called "pbAdvItemCategorySummary" which displays the categories for an item. This skin tag can be used in a control template or an item page.


1.5   Added a "CssClass" property on the pbProductSearch


1.6   Added "BottomPagerCssClass" and "TopPagerCssClass" properties to collection skin controls to target the css elements of a top/bottom pager


1.7   Added a screen in the Administration Console to purge Banner Ads history



2.       Bug Fixes


2.1   When adding an additional field, if the additional field is a dropdown and the default value is not contained in the list of available values, then an error occurs when rendering the dropdown control


2.2   pbCartSummary does not pickup pbImage or pbContent skintags


2.3   In Emarketing, after adding a date additional field type to the available columns section for subscribers , there is no way to apply a filter on the additional field as the field does not appear in the filter popup box.


2.4   URL redirects are hanging when redirecting to a lower level of the same domain


2.5   pbProductSearchSummary always showing 0 results.


2.6   In the Administration Console, the sitemap does not reflect changes when a part of the site is copied using the "Copy To" function



The version of Pegboard 5 that includes these changes is version 5.50.4