Pegboard 6 Release - November 2013

Release of Pegboard 6, available in November 2013, is now available in Pegboard Manager. This release contains the following new features and bug fixes:


Add new Member does not work
AdvCollection not binding correctly when 'Related' Mode collection nested in AdvCollection on Category page
Item.AvailableSeats and Item.AvailableSeatsIncUnconfirmed not working in collection or page


AMS Custom role base pricing and Custom product improt
shopping cart getting cleared during checkout  member  registration.
Change AntiXSS library to Santizier to support medium trust release sites
LinkReport requires refactoring and additional logging to determine faults
Fix Member Login when not in any role
Support dynamic delegate hooks for updating ProductPrice using quantity (re: BrightSky)
Add missing form_review.png icon
SiteObjects being displayed in Console SiteMap without a Site parent
LDAP for multi-site, only processes one sites LDAP settings
AdLounge Signup, Edit Member Details and Logout Error
Restore of fails to correctly import IdentityProvider settings into Members table
Web.Config default HTTP request length too small for standard restore operations
Add 'Ignore' option to pbAdvContentPanel DisplayForMember property
pbFormFieldList RandomSort option not working correctly
Lucene Search not working properly
pbAdvCollection not working in search mode
Update to correct Collection Repeater with no collection specified
Member only content not visible on login after logout
Twitter Logging missing
Bulk Image Upload capabilities in Forms