Pegboard 6 Release - September 2013

Release of Pegboard 6, available in September 2013, is now available in Pegboard Manager. This release contains the following new features and bug fixes:


RadDock patch breaks panel defaults
Chrome requesting when opening the developer tools causes a 404
[order.StatusName] tag to ecommerce order email template fails to render correct status on email template
Unapproved newly created staged objects showing up on the front end of sites
Members only checkout with paypal not capturing customer information
Checkout not handling quantities of less than or equal to 0.5
Fix uncaught exception caused by null value for purchase order number
Dealer Search not working correctly when a state but no postcode is provided
Clean up unassigned variable warning


Add [order.StatusName] tag to ecommerce order email template
Ensure google shopping xml contains all required fields
Allow mini cart summary to show quantity as decimal
Add browser based css class to body tag of system pages
Enable configuration of RadCaptcha Cache/Session Storage
Add new order status, updated pegbaord console to view and save new order status. Update [PbPurchaseOrderNo] skintag to have required property. Add functionality to send email on order status change.
Allow group content update using [pbMemebrContentFormSubmit] Skintag.
Allow [PbMemberInfo] skintag to pick up currently logged in member organisation information
Allow member content notification to be sent on member content approval
Allow different ecommerce emails to be sent depending on member role
add option to use valid html5 on advpager
Add new Anonymous Role functionality for Anonymous user
Error opening dialog boxes in RadEditor (Content Regions FormPart)