Pegboard 6 Release - August 2013

Release of Pegboard 6, available in August 2013, is now available in Pegboard Manager. This release contains the following new features and bug fixes:


Jobseeker not detecting JSID and so not comparing it correctly to new member signups

PB Admin console RSS Feed fails to pick up RSS Feed title from console settings

[pbForumSearchResult] skitag produce an error when there are threads for forum post.

Member content subscriber email template tags outputs unwanted "]"

Cart related products throwing exception due to items that haven't been cleaned from the database

Emarketing ping uncaught exception when subscriber object is nothing

Datalist search results not filtering by collection

add like ComparisonOperator for the string compare in [pbAdvContentPanel]


Facebook Identity Provider - Add ability to map Birthday and Gender to new Pegboard Members
CollectionManager Drag & Drop Manual SortOrder Collection Items Not Working
Scheduling - pages can be accessed directly by entering the correct url, even if out of schedule
EmailCC field in pbAdvCustomerDetails need to be added to remember me cookie
pbAdvEventSearchResults - Add Scheduled Item Filtering
pbPageNav - Add Scheduled Item Filtering
Change the twitter api version to 1.1 and  use JSON request insted of XML.
Add a new functionality that allow members to save and retrieve addresses on advance checkout customer detail page.
Add onClick and RidirectTo property to [pbProductAddCheckedToCart] skintag
Lucene document indexing not working
Add RandomSort, RandomFieldPrifix and MaxRandomFields property to [pbFormFieldList]
Add Member AddressBook functionality in to pegboard console.
Add new skintag [pbMemberAddressFormSubmit] that allow member to add addresses in their address book
allow Member Primary Role Name to be retrieved inside advance member repeater
Add a purchase order number and org admin email functionality to Ecommerce 1 and 2 module