Pegboard 6 release 1.0.1 - May 2013

 Release 1.0.1 of Pegboard 6, available in May 2013, is now available in Pegboard Manager. This release contains the following new features and bug fixes:


MemberContentSubmit form not validating controls correctly

Potential exception being thrown due to enthusiastic calculation of tnt postage

Product Search pagination picking up ajax behaviour even when ajax is disabled

Unmoderated posts show up in Recent post list and last post on the forumlist

[pbFormSubmit] and [pbForm] skintag fails to parse the logged in member information.

product search fail to retain checkbox list additional field state on postback

advance shopping cart incorrectly calculate item unit price total

Potential issues with page_init handler in the checkoutReceipt, changed to sub oninit

Link report incorrectly reporting https and www links as broken


Allow emMemberSignupFormSubmit to redirect if member is not new

Allow emmembersignupformsubmit to unsubscribe members from emarketing campaigns

Allow "last post" column header text to be changed on forum lists

Allow member details/cookie to prefill mobile field for checkout details

Allow "last post" forum heading to be changed with a skintag

Add redirect property for successful forum posts

Make FraudGuard payment optional for securepay and all other gateways

Allow [pbEventRegistrationFormSubmit] skintag to automatically pick up registration form

Merge changes from products1 productaddcheckedtocart in regards to collection errors

Allow more flexible styling for error text in ProductAddCheckedToCart

Add an option to allow all items to be checked by default for a drop down checkbox list

Allow pbImage to pick up CssClass if there is no container element

Show error message when trying to add product from collection that is restricted to one collection only

LDAP Integration